Forward thinking » Straightforward.

I consider myself a straightforward person. I focus on the things and people that I like, but I also look for qualities in everything that I can appreciate. Call me zen, but it’s kind of a conditioning I’ve learned to set forth after a while of getting it wrong. In my view, it’s important to learn as much about yourself as soon as possible in order to learn new things with ease and without making a mess. I can look back without regret on many situations that were handled with class and honesty.

I don’t think people can expect me to be the one to over-complicate anything other than a math problem (terrible with doing that)… I’m not sure how else to explain HOW STRAIGHTFORWARD I can be. And this is all without being one of those brutally honest jerks using honesty as an excuse.

Likewise, I tend to appreciate people who are similarly minded (& straightforward). It’s difficult to find that person who is honest but not brutal, and straightforward but not simple-minded. I’ve seen the person who oversimplifies so much they rely solely on instinct and ends up hurting other people… and I’ve seen the person who overthinks to the point of inducing their own isolation. There’s always a balance just waiting to be found…